1. Questions and comments re: Nutrient flow patterns and the Nitrogen Cycle in the Marine Ecosystem
- known sources of nutrient input and output from the ocean
- runoff and atmospheric deposition of nitrates
- nitrogen fixation-denitrification
- form, timing, and location of nutrient inputs
- effects of removing “fish biomass” on nutrient levels

2. Questions and comments re: The effects on Fish Stocks of "Fishing" and other human activities - how do opposing theories compare to the "starvation" theory?
- size-selective culling pressure exerted by fishing gear?
- thermally induced changes in growth rates?
- the comparatively better success of “small” fish
- pollution as a cause of declining fish stocks?

3. Questions and comments re: The effects of natural climate variability (i.e. long-term cyclical changes), on rates of primary production. Also the role of plankton and the possible effects of "fishing" on plankton/primary production levels.
- effects of temperature changes on fish production
- El Nino effects include decreasing availability of nutrients
- does the removal of fish affect plankton? if so, in which direction - are plankton levels up or down?
- “Are the right whales starving?”

4. Questions and comments re: "Species Replacement Theory"
- is total biomass stable?
- what is the basis for the theory?
- does fishing really lead to “species replacement?”
- where and how plentiful are the “replacements?”

5. Questions and comments re: The proposed solution (i.e. "feeding the fish") -- what is right or wrong about it?
- What exactly should they be fed?
- Where and how?
- What harm could be caused by feeding food scraps to fish?
- threats of disease and nutrient overload?
- which species will benefit...and are they the most “desirable” ones?
- how would this plan hurt fishermen?

6. Miscellaneous questions and comments.
- how can a fish “starve” when there are “lots of prey” around?
- why am I doing this?
- what is my background, and my “agenda?”

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