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Gradual, long-term negative changes have occurred in barnacle populations on the clean Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Discussed in detail  in the article "The Barnacle Zone," here are a few additional photos. Surprisingly, this trend appears to have received no scientific attention to date. A sharp contrast is evident between barnacle growth on the unpolluted rocky coastline and in heavily sewage-polluted Halifax harbour, discounting the idea that the decline in barnacles has occurred because of factors such as 'climate change' or 'pollution.'

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Stephenson's painting of Peggy's Cove, 1948. White line above seaweed is the "barnacle belt." Click photo for larger view.

Peggy's Cove, Oct 9, 2002. The 'barnacle belt' is no longer visible.

Another view of the same barnacle population.

Clean, exposed rocky Atlantic coastline at Shad Bay head, N.S., once classic 'barnacle belt' habitat. Low, tan barnacles barely visible.

Highly wave exposed rocks with scanty tan barnacles reaching lower elevation than rockweed, contrary to classic expectation.

Tan barnacle belt at Shad Bay head.

Tan barnacles on clean coastline, August 2002, with yellowed Fucus. Many are dead in comparison to population living inside polluted harbour.

White barnacles growing inside polluted harbour, September 2002, with dark Fucus and abundant snails.

Inside Halifax harbour, high heavy growth of large white barnacles, reminiscent of 'barnacle belts' that once were prominent on the open coastline.

Hall's Harbour, 1948, heavily blanketed with barnacles. T. A. Stephenson's photo.

Halls' Harbour, September 2001, compare with previous photo. Barnacles are now relatively sparse.

Barnacles in crevice.

Another of Stephenson's photos of heavily barnacle-dominated rocks at Hall's Harbour in 1948.

Hall's Harbour 2001 for comparison.

Except for those credited to T. A. Stephenson, all photos copyright Debbie MacKenzie. Reproduce them if you like, just please credit the source.

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